FINAL FANTASY VII Remake non sarà solo un remake

FINAL FANTASY VII Remake / Universal Studios Japan

Per SQUARE ENIX, FINAL FANTASY VII Remake è molto più un semplice remake del settimo capitolo uscito ben ventuno anni fa su PlayStation, ma molto di più. Difatti la casa di produzione ha diffuso un nuovo annuncio di lavoro per alcune posizioni ricercate per lo sviluppo di un titolo che mira a essere una “nuova creazione che sorpasserà l’originale” più che un semplice remake.

Dopo ben vent’anni il team di sviluppo si sta riunendo per sviluppare, a detta di SQUARE ENIX, un gioco che possa superare persino l’originale, per via del caloroso riscontro da parte del pubblico all’annuncio.

Not a “remake.” “Creation” is the mission we were given.

1997. With dedicated fans and the like even now 20 years after release, it is no exaggeration to say that Final Fantasy VII, which boasts over 11 million total shipments and download sales in the worldwide market, is the masterpiece of the series loved by fans all over the world.

And now we have announced the release of a Final Fantasy VII remake. Due to the huge reaction, we are aiming at nothing less than a “new creation” not limited to a simple remake.

It should be noted that this is an internal production. After 20 years, the staff behind the original Final Fantasy VII, who are top-rankers in the industry even now, are reuniting. A project to create “a title that surpasses the original” is starting full-scale.

Take on the even more difficult challenge of creating a new title, in a certain sense, alongside top-level creators—. It is a job that will naturally impact growth as a creator, as well the world.

Preserve the existing concepts users hold while creating a new world view. A project that can only be accomplished here is waiting for you.

Recruitment Background

Final Fantasy VII was a major hit all over the world and changed the scene of gaming when it launched. Final Fantasy VII Remake, which brings new life to the title after 20 years, is a project that is attracting attention from both inside and outside of the industry.

Our goal is “the realization of game with quality that surpasses the original.” For that reason, we are continuing the recruitment of internal development staff.

Detailed Work Content

Battle Planner

  • Planning and specifications creation of a battle system that combines commands and action.
  • Devising of ideas such as enemies and bosses.
  • Construction of environments including setting parameters aligned to the player’s growth

Level Planner

  • Construction of a workflow for location production.
  • Devising of ideas for the level designs of each location.
  • Implementation of data in Unreal Engine 4.
  • Create a “new Final Fantasy VII” not limited to a simple remake as a new Final Fantasy with action elements added to the traditional strategy, and deliver your creativity to the world.

Assigned Department

1st Business Division is the department [of Square Enix] working on Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy VII Remake. In addition to staff that worked on the original Final Fantasy VII, staff that worked on previous generations of the Final Fantasy series are joining the team one after the other. This is the chance to work with us on a “new Final Fantasy creation” not limited to a remake.

Fonte: SQUARE ENIX tramite Gematsu

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