Il titolo mobile TSUBASA+ è disponibile per il download


Come annunciato in precedenza da Miraire, da oggi, 30 settembre, il titolo mobile TSUBASA+ è finalmente disponibile per il download presso gli appositi store iOS e Android. Si tratta di un gioco che richiede l’uso del GPS per il funzionamento, e si presenta al pubblico come una sorta di Pokémon GO a tema Captain Tsubasa, sebbene siano presenti anche tanti giocatori realmente esistenti.

Avete già scaricato il gioco o avete in mente di farlo a breve? Fateci sapere la vostra opinione nei commenti!

Qui sotto vi riproponiamo la video intervista ad Andres Iniesta, seguita dal comunicato stampa ufficiale:

TSUBASA+ Released in Seven European Regions

Andres Iniesta appointed as the first official supporter

MIRAIRE, TOKYO-YOKOHAMA: TSUBASA+ real-world gameplay on mobile phones released today in seven* European regions (TSUBASA Plus

*United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium and Netherlands

Overview of TSUBASA+

TSUBASA+ is a real-world game in which TSUBASA+Players use the GPS on their mobile phones to create a real-world view of Yoichi Takahashi’s internationally popular manga “Captain Tsubasa,” which is loved by three generations of fans of every nationality.

When TSUBASA+Players check in at the TSUBASA+ football stadiums scattered throughout the city, their characters interact with the characters of Captain Tsubasa and characters of football players used under license from FIFPRO Commercial Enterprises B.V., and Meiji Yasuda J.League. TSUBASA+Players can then challenge these character-players by stacking and releasing up to five, coloured energy-balls, and when they win, the character-players and TSUBASA+Players become TSUBASA+Teammates.

Each TSUBASA+Player selects and teams up with two character-players from his TSUBASA+Teammates to form a three-man-team, then TSUBASA+Players challenge each other. TSUBASA+Players can strengthen their charactersʼ skills in above mentioned matches and in training sessions at TSUBASA+Stadiums. In addition to tuning their skills in training sessions, TSUBASA+Players can build up their overall strength by using items that they can acquire when they have more than one of the same character-players in their squad of TSUBASA+Teammates.

In addition, in consideration of the restraints for social-distance in countries around the world, substantial at-home functions have been built-in. While at home, TSUBASA+Players can teleport freely across the map for a limited period, warp to meet other TSUBASA+Players in mutual follow status, and compete in a time-limited challenge match at a TSUBASA+Stadium where the TSUBASA+Players have checked-in just after the warp-move or immediately before their challenge match.

Andres Iniesta – the First Official TSUBASA+Supporter.

Andres Iniesta, a former member of the Spain National Football Team and currently playing for Vissel Kobe, has been appointed as the first official supporter of TSUBASA+. In commemoration of his inauguration, we proudly present our interview with Iniesta on the official TSUBASA+ website.

Comments from Iniesta’s interview (excerpts)

I’m personally very excited to be appointed as an official supporter. Captain Tsubasa has been my favorite series for a long time, and now I am able to be part of it here in Japan. I have been able to meet the author, Yoichi Takahashi, and the producers of the animation. Now TSUBASA+! This is more than a another game! Like the animation, it is about more than just football, but about the spirit of all sport. This not only helps us to understand the game, but also creates a sense of companionship. I feel that this app brings an innovation into the world. I myself would like to play against Ozora Tsubasa, Kojiro Hyaga, and Jun Misugi, and indeed along side them. This game is a true mixture of the real world and animation characters. I’m really happy to be part of this project and I wish it to be successful!
Andres Iniesta

We are now accepting Official TSUBASA+Supporters!

TSUBASA+ is now accepting Official TSUBASA+Supporters. Professional football players, sportsmen and women, celebrities or professional figures who have a verified badge account with Twitter or Instagram are warmly welcome.

To accept this invitation, simply post “TSUBASA+Supporter” with the hashtag”#tsubasaplus” on Twitter or instagram

Each TSUBASA+Supporter will receive a special-edition of TSUBASA+ in which your personal TSUBASA+Player character is modeled by Miraire designers. We will also register each TSUBASA+Supporter, with their specially designed 3D character, in the TSUBASA+Supporters Directory to be published on the official TSUBASA+ website.

Pre-registration Campaign

Starting today, September *25* 2020, we are running a worldwide “pre-registration campaign.” This campaign allows fans to pre-register, and is open to all TSUBASA+Fans from all over the world including fans living in countries where the release dates have not yet been announced. TSUBASA+Fans who pre-register can earn in-game items at the start of the game. The more fans who pre-register, the higher the grade of items TSUBASA+Players can earn in the game. Please take this opportunity to register.

Fonte: Miraire, Inc.

Prestigiatore, ballerino di break dance, produttore cinematografico, traduttore ufficiale di frasi imbarazzanti per prodotti R18, fondatore di Akiba Gamers: un curriculum da fare invidia a Johnny Sins, ma che non regge il confronto con la sua smodata passione per i giochi d’importazione e per i tegolini.

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