SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE coming on Google Stadia

SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE annunciato per Google Stadia

KONAMI announces today the development of a new exclusive title for StadiaSUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE. Based on SUPER BOMBERMAN R, it will offer a new Battle 64 mode which will support online battles for up to 64 players.

It will be the first game to take advantage of the Crowd Play feature of the Google platform, which lets YouTube users to join the online battles of their favorite streamers. We do not yet know a launch date, we can only say that it will be available starting from the next fall. More information on the title available below the teaser trailer.



The new addition to the Bomberman series, SUPER BOMBERMAN R ONLINE will be coming to Stadia!
Now with the unique BATTLE 64 mode, take on dozens of players like never before in this explosive frenzy to be the last one standing!

With the new Battle 64 mode, players will automatically be placed in one of many areas at the start of each match, and must battle it out against other players in the same area. Areas will begin to close down as the clock ticks and players must pass through the gates to the other remaining areas before the timer runs out!
Those who make it to the last remaining area must battle it out to become the last one standing!!

Play with your favorite streamer by joining their game through the Crowd Play feature! Seamlessly join the streamer’s game by accessing the link on the screen.

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Source: KONAMI via Digital Bros

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