Persona 4: Dancing All Night, ecco la theme song principale

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Durante il livestream di trenta ore partito questa mattina, il News Flash! Persona Channel 2015, ATLUS ha rivelato la theme song per Persona 4: Dancing All Night, il rhythm game pensato per tutti i fan del quarto capitolo della saga. Tuttavia, non è ancora stata comunicata una data di uscita definitiva: il titolo sarà disponibile su PlayStation Vita nel corso del 2015. Di seguito al video è disponibile il testo della canzone.

Got me something true now
I’m not looking anymore
The times of fakin’ love are through now
Sharing real connections
What we’re made for

Come on, let go of the remote
Don’t you know
You’re letting all the junk food in?

I try to stop the flow,
Double-clicking on the go,
But it’s no use hey,
I’m being consumed


I went with the flow,
double trouble on the go
posers kept posing
I’m opposing against these foes

Please know,
I’m the rose that grew out
from the concrete jungle

Not a day goes by without me thinking ’bout
The way the world stopped mid-motion
When you walked into my life and we connected
Like we shared the same mad potion
Couldn’t help but move
The threads of fate had spun us
Into each other’s lives by chance
All this energy’s got us inspired now,
We couldn’t stop it, just set it free, and

We got something strong now
We’re not hiding anymore
The times of phony love are gone now
Only special friends come in through our door

Live a real life
Don’t be possessed by whoever
No time to waste
Keep on moving
Whether on or off the beat
It don’t matter
If you never give up
Like keeps on grooving
Embrace a heartbeat and
Step to it step to it
Connect with it hold it tight
Spider web to it
Told you once
Ain’t nobody can hold me down

Not a day goes by without me feeling thankful
‘Bout our profound devotion
Since you walked into my life
And all around me
Everything just stopped mid-motion
Like a high wire act,
No compromise with truth,
The radiant intensity we share
All this energy’s got us inspired now
Wanna dance
Wanna share this magic bond
Like we shared the same made potion
When you walked into my life and we connected
Like we shared a magic dance

Straight away
Going my way
Let the nonchalant be commandant to themselves
But we are taking over
Making over
The lame shame claim they make,
Game’s over
Is it a spell or magic?
Imagine what happens
Different age, different passion
What I’m asking
I can’t call it,
If I ain’t go my crew, I won’t be dancing

So baby
Go for it
Feel the vibe

Gonna touch down, make this dive
It keeps me alive
The melody, the flow, the beat, the heart
Together we ride

All this energy’s got us inspired now,
We couldn’t stop it,
Just set it free, and

Fonte: Gematsu

Videogioca praticamente da quando ha ricordi, non ha preferenze particolari e questo lo porta ad acquistare qualsiasi tipo di videogame. Conduce una battaglia senza speranza contro lo spazio nella sua camera e il suo portafogli.